✔️Clinically Proven ✔️Trusted ✔️Approved by Dentists

✔️Clinically Proven ✔️Trusted ✔️Approved by Dentists

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Our Story

In 2020, the UK faced a unique challenge. Amidst the ongoing Covid pandemic, an unprecedented waitlist of nearly 11 million people arose for dental appointments. Hygienist visits became a distant dream, and we recognized an urgent need for a solution to help maintain healthy smiles at home.
That's when we decided to step in. We felt concerned, moved, and finally, driven.
People were stuck with solutions that weren't in their best interests simply because there wasn't a better alternative. The teeth whitening industry was fraught with dangers, with numerous establishments operating without legally required certified dentists, despite recent legal protections.

Why should people settle for subpar options? Why should they compromise their well-being for brighter smiles? The answer was clear – they shouldn't have to.

So, we channeled our energy into a mission - to design a teeth-whitening system that would be safe, accessible, and ideal for regular use at home. A system free from unnecessary components, designed to be gentle even on the most sensitive teeth.
That's how Grin was born.

Our goal is to provide safe, affordable, legal, dentist-endorsed teeth-whitening products designed for everyday use in the comfort of your home.
With Grin, our commitment to the following values remains unwavering:

Transparency: our products deliver what they promise, with no hidden "catches" or undesirable ingredients.
Autonomy: it's your smile, you should have the power to shape it.
Quality: we provide you with dentist-grade products that are safe and user-friendly for at-home use.

Together, let's make the world shine brighter, one smile at a time.
Join us in creating your best smile.